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Cork flooring has become very popular with environmentalists and designers alike. Cork can be harvested every nine years from the same tree, a much faster rate of renewal than waiting for a seedling to grow large enough to replace another. It's tough, too, according to BuildingGreen.


Sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment, because trees are a renewable resource that can be replaced time and time again, according to Ed Korczak, executive director of NWFA.


Renewable resource, bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be selectively harvested annually. The popular carbonized darker bamboos are comparable to Black Walnut, considered a soft hardwood, and the lighter natural colours test comparable to maple. (color is achieved not by staining but by heating, and the longer it heats the softer it gets).

Recycled Carpet

Can be made from recycled PET plastic (soda bottles) or from recovered textile fibers and comes with the same warranty as regular synthetic fiber carpets.

Our Point of View

Hardwood floors are the best choice when the main concern is a healthy and ecological environment. We are all aware that indoor air quality (not only in residential homes, but business offices and commercial areas) is one of the top health threats.

When you install hardwood floors, you will deliberately and actively contribute to a healthy living environment. Hardwoods are easily cleaned with non-toxic products, and do not trap allergens like mold spores, bacteria and dust mites often embedded in other flooring products, creating and maintaining better air quality, especially for people suffering from allergies.

For this reason, hardwood floors and tile are recommended for chemically sensitive individuals, or those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Wood floors and natural stone are easily kept clean and do not hold these kinds of irritating allergens.