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Quality of construction is the major criterion for good carpet.

Tight twists, strong backing, yarn density, heatsetting, and good padding are indicators of quality.  Height or thickness of carpet fiber has nothing to do with quality.  Tall and thick carpet may seem more luxurious, but is more likely to keep dirt.

Maintenance Tips for Carpet Floors

  • Vacuum frequently since most of the wear is caused by dirt.
  • Remove stains quickly (most stains can be removed if they are cleaned in the first 24 hours).
  • Use appropriate detergent and test before scrubbing because some carpets are more sensitive to cleaning products and can lose their color.
  • Do not overwet the carpet.
  • Use professional carpet cleaners because they know the exact type of fiber and the proper cleaning agents for the situation at hand.

Our Advice

  • After installing tile or hardwood floors we recommend using Quarter Round (or Shoe Molding). Quarter Round Molding can be used along the base of the walls against the wood baseboard to cover the required expansion gap between the flooring and the wall. They are nailed into the baseboard molding.
  • Always clean your floors periodically with a professional  floor cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer of your particular type of flooring. Not doing so may void any warranty on your investment.To help our customers to save time and money we can perform in-house inspections and provide the best solution to restore your beautiful floors.

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